Beta3 is out and Beta3.5 (surprise Beta) is coming

I forgot to post a Blog entry when we released Beta3 (about 2 weeks ago) - so here’s the posting - it’s available!

Now that I’ve done that, I’m pleased to announce that Beta3.5 (the “surprise Beta”) is about to release. Thanks to some additional super-helpful feedback from y’all Beta testing helpers, I realized that I needed to add back the ‘Custom Slides background’ support to WorshipStorm Projector. PCO Projector has that feature, allowing Custom Slides to be created with different media (image, video, audio) linked to each Custom Slide, and with Beta3.5, WorshipStorm Projector brings that back.

A few other bug fixes will also be in Beta3.5, so stay tuned!

Butch Davis