It's getting close to March 25th - what do we do?

Some of you who are currently using Planning Center Projector (PCO Projector) and are interested in continuing with WorshipStorm Projector (once it’s available) have been wondering about the “cutoff date” of March 25th that Planning Center has for PCO Projector. Since WorshipStorm Projector is “really close” to getting into the AppStore (estimated later this week, perhaps around Thursday March 21st), but is not available yet, we wanted to give a little bit more context.

We have been working with some of the Planning Center development and product management folks for the past 6-7 months as WorshipStorm Projector has progressed from late development stages and into Beta testing, to work out some details on their new V2 API behavior as well as get their advice on a release strategy.

When we learned (earlier this week) that Apple wanted us to do some more work on the in-app subscription offering before they would approve WorshipStorm Projector for release to the App Store, we reached out again to Aaron Stewart (Co-Founder & Product Manager at Planning Center) to mention this latest delay, since it puts us up close to the March 25 date.

Aaron assured us that Planning Center would not be making any changes to their server support of PCO Projector until we have a final release of WorshipStorm Projector in the App Store and it is stable.  (Thanks, Aaron!)

So, rest assured that PCO Projector will not "fall off the cliff" on March 25th and you can continue to use it until WorshipStorm Projector is ready!

Butch Davis