Update 2019.1.1 is available

Another maintenance release of Projector (2019.1.1) is now available on the App Store!

It's mostly bug fixes and a stability improvement, based on your feedback and bug reports.  The detailed Update Notes can be found here

Special Note: if you are using a Bluetooth pedal (like AirTurn) that has been set to the "Spacebar / Return" mode of keyboard command mapping (to the pedal switches), you will need to either switch the pedal to another mode that is compatible with Projector (like Up/Down arrow or Left/Right arrow), or "re-learn" the pedal settings (Projector Settings - check out this article).  It's a necessary side-effect of the improved pedal support that this update has - so we're sorry for the trouble, but bet you'll really like how the keyboard/pedal "behaves" a lot better!

Butch Davis