It's Summertime!

It's been a month since our last Projector maintenance update was released to the App Store, so I thought that it would be good to give y'all an update on what's been happening with WorshipStorm.


Since starting the WorshipStorm Projector project back in the Spring of 2018, I've been working pretty much "nonstop" to get things to where they stand today.  So, I've mostly taken the month of June "off" to rest up and get some focus on what's next for Projector.

Apple News

In June, Apple hosted their annual Worldwide Developer's Conference and had two exciting announcements. First, the iPad will be getting its own operating system this Fall, called iPadOS. This is mainly a set of features that take advantage of the larger screen size of the iPad - allowing apps to run more like they do on a PC (there is even mouse support!). Second, Apple announced "Project Catalyst" a way for iPad apps (like Projector) to run on the Mac beginning with the Fall update of macOS, called macOS Catalina.

Projector Plans

The "TODO" list is still alive and well, but with those two major new announcements from Apple, I wanted to devote some time to exploring what they mean for Projector. So, for the rest of the summer (July and August) I'll be devoting most of my development time to researching and experimenting with iPadOS features and the "Project Catalyst" feature of macOS Catalina (running iPad apps on the Mac). I don't want to comment too much on what may come of this yet - but there may be some cool things to announce by September! Things are very stable with the latest Projector release (2019.1.1), so this seems to be a good time to look to the future for a couple of months. I may release one or two minor updates to Projector this summer, but no major feature release is planned for July or August.

Butch Davis