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  • For Worship Services, sing-alongs and morE


Helps any size gathering worship the Lord - anywhere!


With a simple hookup, you can help people see what they need during a worship service:

Music Lyrics

Music Lyrics

Church Announcements

Church Announcements

Scripture References



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WorshipStorm Leader

WorshipStorm Leader is a simple “lyrics and chords” app that worship leaders can carry around on their mobile phones to access their Planning Center Services cloud of Plans and Songs for small group gatherings or any other similar setting.  

It’s designed to be optimized for your mobile phone (as opposed to a tablet-based platform) so that you can actually see those words and chords on the little screen.  It also provides a wireless feed to other nearby mobile devices that are running the WorshipStorm Viewer app so that those joining in the worship can also see the lyrics and sing along.


WorshipStorm Viewer

WorshipStorm Viewer is a free companion app to WorshipStorm Leader that allows anybody to join in singing with lyrics being displayed on their mobile phone.  

Now worship can take place anywhere - even where there is no WiFi or Cellular connection available!